NRP: the publications

Here you will find relevant publications featuring results and achievements of the HBP researchers contributing to the development of the Neurorobotics Platform.


Feldotto, B., Eppler, J.M., Jimenez-Romero, C., Bignamini, C., Gutierrez, C., Albanese, U., Retamino, E., Vorobev, V., Zolfaghari, V., Upton, A., Zhe, S., Yamaura, H., Heidarinejad, M., Klijn, W., Morrison, A., Cruz, F., McMurtrie, C., Knoll, A., Igarashi, J., Yamazaki, T., Doya, K., Morin, F.O.
Deploying and Optimizing Embodied Simulations of Large-Scale Spiking Neural Networks on HPC Infrastructure (PDF)
Feldotto, B., Morin, F. O., Knoll, A.
The Neurorobotics Platform Robot Designer: Modeling Morphologies for Embodied Learning Experiments (PDF)


Coppolino, S., Giacopelli, G. and Migliore, M.
Sequence Learning in a Single Trial: A Spiking Neurons Model Based on Hippocampal Circuitry (PDF)
Bing, Z., Brucker, M., Morin, F. O., Li, R., Su, X., Huang, K., Knoll, A.
Complex Robotic Manipulation via Graph-Based Hindsight Goal Generation (PDF)
Bing, Z., Alvarez, E., Cheng, L., Morin, F. O., Li, R., Su, X., Huang, K., Knoll, A.
Robotic Manipulation in Dynamic Scenarios via Bounding-Box-Based Hindsight Goal Generation (PDF)
Bing, Z., Sewisy, A. EI, Zhuang, G, Walter, F., Morin, F. O., Huang, K., Knoll, A.
Toward Cognitive Navigation: Design and Implementation of a Biologically Inspired Head Direction Cell Network (PDF)
Kalidindi, H. T., Cross, K. P., Lillicrap, T. P., Omrani, M., Falotico, E., Sabes, P. N., Scott, S. H.
Rotational dynamics in motor cortex are consistent with a feedback controller (PDF)
Parvizi-Fard, A., Salimi-Nezhad, N., Amiri, M., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
Sharpness recognition based on synergy between bio-inspired nociceptors and tactile mechanoreceptors (PDF)


Mascaro, A.L.A., Falotico, E., Petkoski, S., Pasquini, M., Vannucci, L., Tort-Colet, N., Conti, E., Resta, F., Spalletti, C., Ramalingasetty, S.T., von Arnim, A., Formento, E., Angelidis, E., Hagen Blixhavn, C., Brauns Leergaard, T., Caleo, M., Destexhe, A., Ijspeert, A., Micera, S., Laschi, C., Jirsa, V., Gewaltig, M.O., Pavone, F.R.
Experimental and computational study on motor control and recovery after stroke: towards a constructive loop between experimental and virtual embodied neuroscience (PDF)
Bing, Z., Lemke, C., Morin, F.O., Jiang, Z., Cheng, L., Huang, K., Knoll, A.
Perception-Action Coupling Target Tracking Control for a Snake Robot via Reinforcement Learning (PDF)
Doerig, A., Bornet, A., Choung, O.H., Herzog, M.H.
Crowding reveals fundamental differences in local vs. global processing in humans and machines (PDF)
Yavari,F., Amiri, M., Rahatabad, F.N., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
Spike train analysis in a digital neuromorphic system of cutaneous mechanoreceptor (PDF)
Galindo, S.E., Toharia, P., Robles, O.D., Ros, E., Pastor, L., Garrido, J.A.
Simulation, visualization and analysis tools for pattern recognition assessment with spiking neuronal networks (PDF)
Lucas, P. ; Morin, F. O. ; Conradt, J. ; Knoll, A.
Neurorobotic Mouse (NeRmo) V4.1 (PDF)
Aljalbout, E., Walter, F., Röhrbein, F., Knoll, A.
Task-Independent Spiking Central Pattern Generator: A Learning-Based Approach (PDF)
Salimi-Nezhad, N., Ilbeigi, E., Amiri, M., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
A Digital Hardware System for Spiking Network of Tactile Afferents (PDF)
Feldotto, B., Walch, B., Koch, P., Dendorfer, S., Knoll, A.
Co-Development of an Infant Prototype in Hardware and Simulation based on CT Imaging Data. (PDF)
Tenbrink, L., Feldotto, B., Röhrbein, F., Knoll, A.
Motion Prediction of Virtual Patterns, Human Hand Motions and a simplified Hand Manipulation Task with Hierarchical Temporal Memory (PDF)


Amunts, K., Knoll, A.C., Lippert, T., Pennartz, C.M.A., Ryvlin, P., Destexhe, A., Jirsa, V.K., D’Angelo, E., Bjaalie, J.G.
The Human Brain Project—Synergy between neuroscience, computing, informatics, and brain-inspired technologies (PDF)
Vandesompele, A., Urbain, G., Mahmud, H., wyffels, F., Dambre, J.
Body Randomization Reduces the Sim-to-Real Gap for Compliant Quadruped Locomotion (PDF)
Kalidindi, H.T., Thuruthel, T.G., Laschi, C., Falotico, E.
Modeling the Encoding of Saccade Kinematic Metrics in the Purkinje Cell Layer of the Cerebellar Vermis (PDF)
Kalidindi, H.T., Thuruthel, T.G., Laschi, C., Falotico, E.
Cerebellum-inspired approach for adaptive kinematic control of soft robots (PDF)
Kaiser, J., Hoff, M., Konle, A., Camilo Vasquez Tieck, David Kappel, Daniel Reichard, Ananid Subramoney, Robert Legenstein, Wolfgang Maass, Rüdiger Dillmann
Embodied Synaptic Plasticity with Online Reinforcement learning (in prep.)
Adrien Doerig, Alban Bornet, Ruth Rosenholtz, Gregory Francis, Aaron M. Clarke, Michael H. Herzog
Beyond Bouma's window: How to explain global aspects of crowding? (PDF)
Thomas George Thuruthel, Egidio Falotico, Federico Renda, Tamar Flash, Cecilia Laschi.
Emergence of behavior through morphology: a case study on an octopus inspired manipulator (PDF)
Bornet, A., Kaiser, J., Kroner, A., Falotico, E., Ambrosano, A., Cantero, K., Herzog, M.H. and Francis, G.
Running large-scale simulations on the Neurorobotics Platform to understand vision - the case of visual crowding. (PDF)
Marín, M., Esteban, F.J., Ramírez-Rodrigo, H., Ros, E., Sáez-Lara, M.J.
An integrative methodology based on protein-protein interaction networks for identification and functional annotation of disease-relevant genes applied to channelopathies (PDF)
Tolu, S., Capolei, M.C., Vannucci, L., Laschi, C., Falotico, E., Vanegas Hernández, M.
A Cerebellum-Inspired Learning Approach for Adaptive and Anticipatory Control (PDF)
Tata Ramalingasetty, S., Danner, S.M., Ijspeert, A.J., Rybak, I.A.
An integrated neurobiomechanical model of the mouse to study neural control of locomotion (PDF)
Marco P Lehmann, He A Xu, Vasiliki Liakoni, Michael H Herzog, Wulfram Gerstner, Kerstin Preuschoff
One-shot learning and behavioral eligibility traces in sequential decision making (PDF)
Abadía, I., Naveros, F., Garrido, J. A., Ros, E. and Luque, N. R.
On Robot Compliance: A Cerebellar Control Approach (PDF)
Kirtay, M., Vannucci, L., Albanese, U., Laschi, C., Oztop, E., Falotico, E.
Emotion as an emergent phenomenon of the neurocomputational energy regulation mechanism of a cognitive agent in a decision-making task (PDF)
Capolei, M.C., Andersen, N.A., Lund, H.H., Falotico, E., Tolu, S.
A Cerebellar Internal Models Control Architecture for Online Sensorimotor Adaptation of a Humanoid Robot Acting in a Dynamic Environment (PDF)
Corchado, C., Antonietti, A., Capolei, M.C., Casellato, C., Tolu, S.
Integration of Paired Spiking Cerebellar Models for Voluntary Movement Adaptation in a Closed-Loop Neuro-Robotic Experiment. A Simulation Study (PDF)
Struckmeier, O., Tiwari, K., Salman, M., Pearson, M.J., Kyrki, V.
ViTa-SLAM: A Bio-inspired Visuo-Tactile SLAM for Navigation while Interacting with Aliased Environments (PDF)
Lucas, P., Oota, S., Conradt, J., and Knoll, A.
Development of the neurorobotic mouse (PDF)
Vannucci, L., Pasquini, M., Spalletti, C., Caleo, M., Micera, S., Laschi, C., Falotico, E.
Towards in-silico robotic post-stroke rehabilitation for mice (PDF)
Struckmeier, O., Tiwari, K., Dora, S., Pearson, M.J., Bohte, S.M., Pennartz, C.M.A., Kyrki, V.
MuPNet: Multi-modal Predictive Coding Network for Place Recognition by Unsupervised Learning of Joint Visuo-Tactile Latent Representations (PDF)
Massi, E., Vannucci, L., Albanese, U., Capolei, M.C., Vandesompele, A., Urbain, G., Sabatini, A.M., Dambre, J., Laschi, C., Tolu, S., Falotico, E.
Combining Evolutionary and Adaptive Control Strategies for Quadruped Robotic Locomotion (PDF)
Capolei, M.C., Angelidis, E., Falotico, E., Hautop Lund, H., Tolu, S.
A Biomimetic Control Method Increases the Adaptability of a Humanoid Robot Acting in a Dynamic Environment (PDF)
Vandesompele, A., Urbain, G., wyffels, F., Dambre, J.
Populations of spiking neurons for reservoir computing: Closed loop control of a compliant quadruped (PDF)
Weissker, T., Kulik, A., Froehlich, B.
Multi-Ray Jumping: Comprehensible Group Navigation for Collocated Users in Immersive Virtual Reality (PDF)
Matthes, C., Weissker, T., Angelidis, E., Kulik, A., Beck, S., Kunert, A., Frolov, A., Weber, S., Kreskowski, A., Froehlich, B.
The Collaborative Virtual Reality Neurorobotics Lab (PDF)
Vandesompele, A., Urbain, G., wyffels, F., Dambre, J.
Closed Loop Control of a Compliant Quadruped with Spiking Neural Networks (PDF)
Kaiser, J., Lindner, G., Vasquez Tieck, J.C., Schulze, M., Hoff, M., Roennau, A., Dillmann, R.
Microsaccades for asynchronous feature extraction with spiking networks (PDF)
Bing, Z., Meschede, C., Chen, G., Knoll, A., Huang, K.
Indirect and direct training of spiking neural networks for end-to-end control of a lane-keeping vehicle (PDF)
Ansari, Y., Laschi, C., Falotico, E.
Structured motor exploration for adaptive learning-based tracking in soft robotic manipulators (PDF)
Struckmeier, O., Tiwari, K., Pearson, M.J., Kyrki, V.
ViTa-SLAM: Biologically-Inspired Visuo-Tactile SLAM (PDF)
Kaiser, J., Friedrich, A., Vasquez Tieck, J.C., Reichard, D., Roennau, A., Neftci, E., Dillmann, R.
Embodied Neuromorphic Vision with Event-Driven Random Backpropagation (PDF)
Naveros, F., Luque, N.R., Ros, E., Arleo, A.
VOR Adaptation on a Humanoid iCub Robot Using a Spiking Cerebellar Model (PDF)


Kirtay, M., Vannucci, L., Albanese, U., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
Multimodal Sensory Representation for Object Classification via Neocortically-inspired Algorithm (PDF)
Salimi-Nezhad, N., Amiri, M., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
A Digital Hardware Realization for Spiking Model of Cutaneous Mechanoreceptor (PDF)
Kirtay, M., Vannucci, L., Albanese, U., Ambrosano, A., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
Spatial Pooling as Feature Selection Method forObject Recognition (PDF)
Carrillo, R.R., Naveros, F., Ros, E., Luque, N.R.
A Metric for Evaluating Neural Input Representation in Supervised Learning Networks (PDF)
Peer Lucas, Florian Walter, Alois Knoll
Design of a Biomimetic Rodent Robot (PDF)
KCsaba Erö, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Daniel Keller, Henry Markram
A Cell Atlas for the Mouse Brain (PDF)
Thomas George Thuruthel, Egidio Falotico, Federico Renda, Cecilia Laschi
Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Closed-Loop Dynamic Control of Soft Robotic Manipulators (PDF)
Emanuele Formento, Karen Minassian, Fabien Wagner, Jean Baptiste Mignardot, Camille G. Le Goff-Mignardot, Andreas Rowald, Jocelyne Bloch, Silvestro Micera, Marco Capogrosso, Gregoire Courtine
Electrical spinal cord stimulation must preserve proprioception to enable locomotion in humans with spinal cord injury (PDF)
Fabien B. Wagner, Jean-Baptiste Mignardot, Camille G. Le Goff-Mignardot, Robin Demesmaeker, Salif Komi, Marco Capogrosso, Andreas Rowald, Ismael Seáñez, Miroslav Caban, Elvira Pirondini, Molywan Vat, Laura A. McCracken, Roman Heimgartner, Isabelle Fodor, Anne Watrin, Perrine Seguin, Edoardo Paoles, Katrien Van Den Keybus, Grégoire Eberle, Brigitte Schurch, Etienne Pralong, Fabio Becce, John Prior, Nicholas Buse, Rik Buschman, Esra Neufeld, Niels Kuster, Stefano Carda, Joachim von Zitzewitz, Vincent Delattre, Tim Denison, Hendrik Lambert, Karen Minassian, Jocelyne Bloch, Grégoire Courtine
Targeted neurotechnology restores walking in humans with spinal cord injury (PDF)
Walter, Florian; Morin, Fabrice O.; Knoll, A.
Multisensory Integration in the HBP Neurorobotics Platform, in Proceedings of The 28th Annual Conference of the Japanese Neural Network Society (PDF)
Benedikt Feldotto, Markus Orpana, Alois Knoll
A Control Hierarchy Inspired by the Spinal Cord to Exploit Self-Organizing Motion Primitives for Purposeful Trajectory Generation (PDF)
Benedikt Feldotto, Florian Walter, Florian Röhrbein, Alois Knoll
Hebbian learning for online prediction, neural recall and classical conditioning of anthropomimetic robot arm motions (PDF)
Francisco Naveros, Jesus A. Garrido, Angelo Arleo, Eduardo Ros, Niceto R. Luque
Exploring Vestibulo-Ocular Adaptation in a Closed-Loop Neuro-Robotic Experiment Using STDP. A Simulation Study (PDF)
Juan Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Marin Vlastelica Pogančić, Jacques Kaiser, Arne Roennau, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Rüdiger Dillmann
Learning Continuous Muscle Control for a Multi-joint Arm by Extending Proximal Policy Optimization with a Liquid State Machine (PDF)
Jacques Kaiser, Jakob Weinland, Philip Keller, Lea Steffen, J. Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Daniel Reichard, Arne Roennau, Jörg Conradt, Rüdiger Dillmann
Microsaccades for Neuromorphic Stereo Vision (PDF)
J. Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Lea Steffen, Jacques Kaiser, Arne Roennau, Rudiger Dillmann
Multi-Modal Motion Activation for Robot Control Using Spiking Neurons (PDF)
Jacques Kaiser, Svenja Melbaum, J. Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Arne Roennau, Martin V. Butz, Rudiger Dillmann
Learning to Reproduce Visually Similar Movements by Minimizing Event-Based Prediction Error (PDF)
Gabriel Urbain, Alexander Vandesompele, Francis Wyffels, Joni Dambre
Calibration Method to Improve Transfer from Simulation to Quadruped Robots (PDF)
J. Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Lea Steffen, Jacques Kaiser, Arne Roennau, Rudiger Dillmann
Controlling a Robot Arm for Target Reaching without Planning Using Spiking Neurons (PDF)


Peric, I., Schneider, F., Price, C.H., Ulbrich, S., Roennau, A., Zöllner, J.M., Dillmann, R.
Exact spike timing computational model of convolutional associative memories (PDF)
Ulbrich, S., Steward, T., Peric, I., Roennau, A., Zöllner, J.M., Dillmann, R.
Model-based polynomial function approximation with spiking neural networks (PDF)
Vasquez Tieck, J.C., Donat, H., Kaiser, J., Peric, I., Ulbrich, S., Rönnau, A., Zöllner, M., Dillmann, R.
Towards Grasping with Spiking Neural Networks for Anthropomorphic Robot Hands (PDF)
Peric, I., Hangu, R., Kaiser, J., Ulbrich, S., Roennau, A., Zoellner, J.M., Dillman, R.
Semi-Supervised Spiking Neural Network for One-Shot Object Appearance Learning (PDF)
Peric, I., Lesi, A., Spies, D., Ulbrich, S., Roennau, A., Zoellner, J.M., Dillman, R.
Probabilistic Symbol Encoding for Convolutional Associative Memories (PDF)
Kaiser, J., Stal, R., Subramoney, A., Roennau, A., Dillmann, R.
Scaling up liquid state machines to predict over address events from dynamic vision sensors. (PDF)
Urbain, Gabriel; Degrave, Jonas; Carette, Benonie; Dambre, Joni; wyffels, Francis
Morphological Properties of Mass-Spring Networks for Optimal Locomotion Learning (PDF)
Naveros, F., Garrido, J. A., Carrillo, R.R., Ros, E., Luque, N. R.
Event- and Time-Driven Techniques Using Parallel CPU-GPU Co-processing for Spiking Neural Networks (PDF)
Vannucci, L., Falotico, E., Laschi, C.
Proprioceptive Feedback through a Neuromorphic Muscle Spindle Model (PDF)
Knoll, A., Röhrbein, F., Kuhn, A., Akl, M., Sharma, K.
Neurorobotics: From Computational Neuroscience to Intelligent Robots and Back (PDF)
Vannucci, L., Falotico, E., Tolu, S., Cacucciolo, V., Dario, P., Lund, H.H., Laschi, C.
A comprehensive gaze stabilization controller based on cerebellar internal models (PDF)
Grzeczkowski, L., Clarke, A.M., Francis, G., Mast, F.W., Herzog, M.H.
About individual differences in vision (PDF)
Knoll, A., Röhrbein, F., Kuhn, A., Akl, M., Sharma, K.
Neurorobotics: From Computational Neuroscience to Intelligent Robots and Back (PDF)
Vannucci, L., Tolu, S., Falotico, E., Dario, P., Lund, H.H., Laschi, C.
Adaptive gaze stabilization through cerebellar internal models in a humanoid robot (PDF)
Jacques Kaiser, Christian Hubschneider, J Camilo Vasquez Tieck, J. Marius Zöllner
Towards a framework for end-to-end control of a simulated vehicle with spiking neural networks (PDF)
Falotico, Egidio and Vannucci, Lorenzo and Ambrosano, Alessandro and Albanese, Ugo and Ulbrich, Stefan and Vasquez Tieck, Juan Camilo and Hinkel, Georg and Kaiser, Jacques and Peric, Igor and Denninger, Oliver and Cauli, Nino and Kirtay, Murat and Roennau, Arne and Klinker, Gudrun and Von Arnim, Axel and Guyot, Luc and Peppicelli, Daniel and Martínez-Cañada, Pablo and Ros, Eduardo and Maier, Patrick and Weber, Sandro and Huber, Manuel and Plecher, David and Röhrbein, Florian and Deser, Stefan and Roitberg,
Connecting Artificial Brains to Robots in a Comprehensive Simulation Framework: The Neurorobotics Platform (PDF)
N. Singh, C. Huyck, V. Gandhi and A. Jones
Neuron Based Control Mechansims for a Robotic Arm and Hand (PDF)
Z. Bing, L, Cheng, G. Chen, F. Röhrbein, K. Huang, A. Knoll
Towards autonomous locomotion: CPG-based control of smooth 3D slithering gait transition of a snake-like robot (PDF)
Ismael Baira Ojeda, Silvia Tolu, Moisés Pacheco, David Johan Christensen, Henrik Hautop Lund
A combination of machine learning and cerebellar-like neural networks for the motor control and motor learning of the fable modular robot (PDF)
Guang Chen, Zhenshan Bing, Florian Roehrbein, Jorg Conradt, Kai Huang, Long Cheng, Zhuangyi Jiang, Alois Knoll
Efficient Brain-inspired Learning with the Neuromorphic Snake-like Robot and the Neurorobotic Platform (PDF)
Ismael Baira Ojeda, Silvia Tolu, Henrik H. Lund
A Scalable Neuro-inspired Robot Controller Integrating a Machine Learning Algorithm and a Spiking Cerebellar-Like Network (PDF)
Benedikt Feldotto, Florian Walter, Florian Röhrbein
Hebbian Learning Based Sensorimotor Association in a Closed-Loop Neurorobotic Experiment (PDF)
Jacques Kaiser, David Zimmerer, J. Camilo Vasquez Tieck, Stefan Ulbrich, Arne Roennau, Rüdiger Dillmann
Spiking Convolutional Deep Belief Networks (PDF)


Knoll, A., Gewaltig, M.O.
Neurorobotics: A strategic pillar of the Human Brain Project (PDF)
Kirtay, Murat and Vannucci, L. and Falotico, E. and Oztop, Erhan and Laschi, C.
Sequential Decision Making Based on Emergent Emotion for a Humanoid Robot (PDF)
Alia, C, Spalletti, C., Cristina, L., Stefano, P., Panarese, A., Micera, S., Caleo, M.
Reducing GABAA-mediated inhibition improves forelimb motor function after focal cortical stroke in mice (PDF)
Moraud, E.M., Capogrosso, M., Formento, E., Wenger, N.s, Di Giovanna, J., Courtine, G., Micera, S.
Mechanisms Underlying the Neuromodulation of Spinal Circuits for Correcting Gait and Balance Deficits after Spinal Cord Injury (PDF)
Eduardo Martin Moraud, Marco Capogrosso, Emanuele Formento, Nikolaus Wenger, Jack DiGiovanna, Grégoire Courtine, Silvestro Micera
Mechanisms Underlying the Neuromodulation of Spinal Circuits for Correcting Gait and Balance Deficits after Spinal Cord Injury (PDF)
Georg Hinkel,Oliver Denninger,S Krach
Integration testing of neural robot controllers using formal experiment descriptions based on SCXML (PDF)
Katrin Amunts, Christoph Ebell, Jeff Muller, Martin Telefont, Alois Knoll, Thomas Lippert
The Human Brain Project: Creating a European Research Infrastructure to Decode the Human Brain (PDF)
Ambrosano, A., Vannucci, L., Albanese, U., Kirtay, M., Falotico, E., Martínez-Cañada, P., Hinkel, G., Kaiser, J., Ulbrich, S., Levi, P., Morillas, C., Knoll, A., Gewaltig, M.-O., Laschi, C.
Retina color-opponency based pursuit implemented through spiking neural networks in the Neurorobotics Platform (PDF)
Vannucci, L., Falotico, E., Tolu, S., Dario, P., Lund, H.H., Laschi, C.
Eye-head stabilization mechanism for a humanoid robot tested on human inertial data (PDF)
G. Hinkel,  O. Denninger, K. Sebastian, H. Groenda
Experiences with Model-Driven Engineering in Neurorobotics (PDF)
Kirtay, M., Falotico, E., Ambrosano, A., Albanese, U., Vannucci, L., Laschi, C
Visual Target Sequence Prediction via Hierarchical Temporal Memory Implemented on the iCub Robot (PDF)
Vannucci, L., Tolu, S., Falotico, E., Dario, P., Lund, H.H., Laschi, C.
Adaptive gaze stabilization through cerebellar internal models in a humanoid robot (PDF)
G. Hinkel, H. Groenda, S. Krach, L. Vannucci, O. Denninger, N. Cauli, S. Ulbrich, A. Roennau, E. Falotico, M.-O. Gewaltig, A. Knoll, R. Dillmann, C. Laschi and R. Reussner
A Framework for Coupled Simulations of Robots and Spiking Neuronal Networks (PDF)
C. Richter, S. Jentzsch, R. Hostettler, J. Garrido, E. Ros, A. Knoll, F. Röhrbein, P. van der Smagt, and J. Conradt
Musculoskeletal Robots: Scalability in Neural Control (PDF)


Walter, F., Röhrbein, F., Knoll, A.
Computation by Time (PDF)
Akl, M., Walter, F., Röhrbein, F.
Learning Spiking Neural Controllers forIn-silico Navigation Experiments (PDF)