HBP Neuro­robotics Plat­form

Brains for bodies and bodies for brains

What we do

Use the Neurorobotics Platform (NRP) developed in the HBP to connect spiking neural networks to virtual and real robots. This enables you to conduct embodiment experiments on our High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. All this can be either done through an easy to use web interface or locally on your machine. That way you can build brains for bodies and bodies for brains.

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Globally accessible

Run simulations from anywhere without any installation. Launch a simulation, edit the parameters and gain fascinating insights into the world of neurorobotics.

Fully custom­iz­able

Choose from the predefined robot models and environments to then edit them and the brain models you use as controllers.

High per­form­ance

Use our high performance computing to your full advantage. Our clusters provide top of the line power through our web interface.

From any device

Since the platform runs in a browser, it is easily accessible from any device - be it a high-powered PC or a smartphone.

For Roboti­cists

Use neural controllers to breathe life into one of our detailed 3D robot models or customize your own with our robot designer.

For Neuro­scientists

Connect your brain models to 3D bodies and let it explore one of our many simulation environments that you can customize with our environment designer.

Cloud Comput­ing

Upload and share your experiments in our cloud. Everything is available on our website and right at your fingertips - from anywhere.

Moving forward

With a team of skilled researchers working relentlessly on driving the development, improvements and additional features will keep on coming.


The main focus of NRP's ongoing and future development is the implementation of user tools for designing custom experiments. This will enable experimenters to comfortably specify more sophisticated experiments with well-defined control flows, to select (and, to a certain extent, to create) virtual robots and environments, and to configure the connections between brain models and the embodiments.

  • Experiment Simulation Viewer Web based.
  • Braitenberg Experiment with Lauron robot.
  • Braitenberg Experiment with Husky robot.
  • Spike train live view.
  • First integration into the collaboratory portal
  • New environment (rough land field)
  • Edition of experiments
  • New robots (including iCub humanoid)
  • New experiment: eye tracking on iCub humanoid
  • Robot metrics (dynamic state) monitoring
  • Environment designer
  • New experiment: virtual mouse with soft skin animation
  • New experiments: empty templates with predefined robots
  • Saving, loading and sharing of edited experiments
  • Integration into HBP collaboratory portal
  • First version of experiment designer: state machine editor
  • First Public Release!
  • Improved resource management and user support
  • Tutorial videos
  • Better server discovery
  • Rendering improvements
  • User definable graphical settings
  • UI improvements
  • User debugging tools
  • New template experiments
  • Support for bigger brain models
  • Graphical transfer functions editor
  • Basic brain visualization
  • Python API for batch simulations (Virtual Coach)
  • Object scaling
  • New template experiments
  • Camera Streaming
  • Environment Enhancements
  • New virtual lab: the NRP Holodeck
  • Support for muscle system (OpenSim integrated)
  • Public demo server accessible 24/7
  • User installable Platform (Live USB, source install)
  • Bigger resources: new set of servers (not in collab)
  • Clone, save, customize experiments also on local installations
  • New template experiments
  • Extended debugging tools
  • Robot designer supports muscles
  • Yet bigger resources
  • Models and sensor noise graphical libraries
  • Spinnaker free run integration
  • Structured transfer functions editor
  • Robot inspector, ROS terminal, help tips
  • Performance improvements
  • Interact with the robot
  • Easy local installation using docker installer
  • Support Nengo brains (in 2.1.1)
  • Changelog informs user of new features and compatibility breaks
  • New frontend design with layouts and new toolbars
  • Support multiple robots (in progress)
  • Code editors auto-persistance (no save button anymore)
  • Record and replay simulations
  • New experiment creation work flow with robots and brain drag and drop
  • New models libraries
  • Support multiple robots (full)
  • Plotting and visualization tools support for Nengo
  • Join simulation shared by others
  • Custom workspace management
  • Share experiments and models
  • Improved editor layout
  • Import and export experiments
  • Spinnaker visualizers
  • Support for pure NEST brains (no PyNN)
  • Integration with the HBP EBRAINS Knowledge Graph

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