The ultimate embodied simulation experience

The Neurorobotics Platform, NRP, is a simulation platform that enables you to choose and test different brain models for your robots.
You can connect spiking neural networks to simulated robots and run embodiment experiments on our High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.

Easy to access

Available both online or through local installation. Launch a simulation, edit the parameters and enter the world of neurorobotics!

User driven

A fully responsive platform using high performance computing resources for an easy upload of your experiments onto our cloud system.

Fully customisable

Create your environment, choose your robot model, link it to a brain model, and let your robot interact with your environment.

Future oriented

The integrative simulation framework designed for researchers and innovators who work on the most urgent challenges of neurosciences and robotics.


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The path to groundbreaking research

Neurorobotics is about building and simulating robot bodies with an embedded brain and embedded control systems that mimick the structure and function of the nervous system. This leads to an unprecedented opportunity to perform cognitive experiments in silico that bridge the gap between the real and the virtual world.

With the Neurorobotics Platform, researchers from neuroscience, robotics and machine learning can collaboratively design and run virtual closed-loop experiments while relying on a tight integration with other EBRAINS tools and methods.

Neurorobotics is the key technology that will open up new avenues for both Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alois Knoll,
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
and Real-Time Systems,
Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen

Prof. Knoll


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